Import from Vietnam – Durian

Durian Festival ASEAN – China Expo 2022

Through the organization of durian festivals, promoting the development of agricultural processing trade, helping the domestic and international circulation, further enhancing the brand influence of the ASEAN EXPO. 

  • Time: June 23- 26, 2022
  • Active platform: ASEAN Online Expo
  • 60 enterprises related to the durian industry chain in China and internationally participating in online display activities: Fresh durian display area, Durian by-products processing exhibition area, Durian beverage and food display areas (durian coffee, durian pizza, etc.), E-commerce and logistic(e-business platforms and supermarkets such as mayiyanghuo, freshhema, etc. to connect purchases
  • Suppliers: participation of 30 suppliers/distributors (exporters) for online introduction

Contact: Ms. Lan Nguyen, email:;