Export to Vietnam – Russia business matching for water treatment and industrial heat exchange equipments

May 2020 – Two Russian enterprises (State of Ural) looking for Vietnamese customers and distributors in the field of water pollution treatment and industrial heat exchangers. Russian and Vietnamese businesses have gained first step cooperation through successful online meetings.

 1. BIOMICROGEL (Website: https://biomicrogel.com/) is a leading company of Russia specializing in researching, inventing and manufacturing the first Russian microgel products from natural materials.

Applications of BIOMICROGEL products: Clean water and water spills, coastal protection, separation and reuse of coolants, wastewater treatment and soil cleaning from oil and grease (FOG) , extraction and extraction of vegetable oils in the production process (palm, coconut and olive oil)

2. REINNOLC (Website: http://reinnolc.com/en) focuses in the production of industrial equipment, efficient heat exchange control, applications in the energy industry, oil and gas production, gas, thermal emissions, Petrochemical, Refining needle, pulp and paper industry

The company’s products include: Heat Exchanger, Chemical Treatment Equipment, Heat Metallurgical Engineering Equipment, Combuster, Filtration, Evaporation and Distillation Equipment, boilers

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